Monday, October 10, 2011

We all have regrets.

So what do we do with them?

I remember two years ago sitting on my excellent back porch in Abilene lounging with friends, avoiding homework, housework, ect. I had made the semi-committed decision to embark on a classic college-graduate adventure, and backpack across Europe. So I tucked up my knees and turned to Brooke, proposing we make this a shared experience. I repeated this proposal to several of my friends over the next few months, they all had an initial response of excitement and anticipation which seemed to fizzle with the reality of the cost and time commitment.

As much as I talked about it, I never thought I would actually go.

So Saturday, October 10, 2010 was a day of complete unbelief as I signed into my Paypal account and booked the flight to Germany, eight months in advance. I had to seal the deal, with or without a friend because I didn't want to chicken out.

Everyone thought this was brave, to go alone without protection or camaraderie.
I thought this was panic.

I went and had an excellent experience. Read about the journey here.
One of my college roommates left for Europe a week ago with a friend and has been blogging about each mishap and tasty french pastry. As much as I loved my trip, I have a deep lament that I did it alone.

Laughing when lost is a luxury reserved only for those who travel with a friend.

I know that clinging to my regrets like a mothers skirt teaches me nothing. Having a friend to share my adventure would have been a spectacular treat, but pushing to communicate through tears and make friends with strangers taught me much more about my character.

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