Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I made a sale.

    This is me.                                                                                       This is my sale.       

For three months I have drug myself into car dealerships, smiling and quoting prices I knew nothing about. But the day has finally arrived, I was annoying enough, for long enough. And I had a bite. Three bites really. 

Three windshields. That were bought and installed because of me. How cool is that? 
The last four years of my life were spent daydreaming about how I could solve problems in the world, stand up for justice and speak on behalf of those who have no voice. I thought graduation would take me to remote parts of the took me home. 

I have no food for the hungry, but I have windshields. And you know what? This is only the beginning, I am learning persistence and determination, I am learning to be relatable in a culture far removed from my own. One full of cars, service drives and glossy business cards. 

Here is where growing-up kicks off. And I know I am not alone, there are plenty of other boomerang kids out there making sales just like me. Congrats.                                                                                 

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