Friday, October 14, 2011

I really like weather.

This is a cold that stumbled into Abilene. It crept up on us with fingers clawing at our skin, pulling at the roots of my scalp.
It wraps its chilling fingers around my stiffened nose, tightened mouth, so stinging it causes teeth to ache
My ankles ill exposed soak in the icy wind with no gratitude
 The cold squeezes out the sunny memory of a warmer day
Blinding clouds of dreary gray carry thick waves of icy wind that smother me.


Sunshine splashes across the cool spring pond
The pavement black, inhales the rays that joyously that melt into the ground
It smooths like creamy lotion over every colorful surface,
Kissing the skin with a slight and tempting pink
It coaxes the buds out of the tender soil, and twists buoyant leaves our of sleeping roots and twigs.

When the day starts without the sun, there is a certain excitement in the earth
They have been waiting patiently for the rolling and crackling clouds to carry them a gift
Every rose and lili dress in their brightest colors, trees stretch out their limbs to full extent with thirsty anticipation
Colors that hide in brighter light, let out their full ambers, lush greens, stunning auburns and all give their best performance for the creator
As the first drop falls to the mossy floors, insects and humans alike burrow deep under covers and back nooks to observe the glossy spread in a dry and content environment
The smells combine a sweet must with sugary blooms to create a tantalizing aroma
The kissing of drops on every surface is a gift from the heavens
Even the dirt smiles as it becomes mud cakes and chocolate puddles

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