Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I saw this picture a few days ago and thought...I can do that! Easy. Pinned Image

First, I made a few of these...
while my fifteen year old sister filled balloons with air, at one point she said:
"Krisi, are you sure these wont pop in the hot wax?"

I ignored this statement and proceeded excitedly with my project, not bothering to read the instructions. I gathered all necessary supplies and 'patiently' waited for my recycled wax to boil. Grabbing a balloon I cautiously dipped the neon rubber into Harvest scented wax and within five seconds the hot air EXPLODED all over my mom's stainless steel kitchen, my face, hair and sweater. Oops.

My General Manager calls me the clicker, I move to fast and often make simple mistakes because I will not take the time to read over my work. I hate waiting, I am terrible at taking my time... it often results in splattered wax. 


  1. the cute little tea cup candles I LOVE!! But what was the balloon supposed to do? I didn't quite understand!

  2. It makes a hallowed out wax dome. And you put a tea light in it. A little confusing.