Friday, October 7, 2011


Yesterday I was selling glass in Dallas and made the ignoramus decision to eat lunch at Smashburger, located in the heart of downtown next to the Federal Reserve Building. Little did I know there would be 300 amped-up protesters spewing chants that Micheal Scott summed up years ago: "Mo money, mo problems." 

Read more about protests here

It was almost comical to see dozens of twenty-somethings who haven't showered in days sporting cameras that cost more than my paycheck, and tweeting each clever pun they reverberated. 

But you know what? 

I wanted to yell out the window of Mouse the Honda, "hey, way to go, i'm with you guys!" while at the same time I was tempted to belt "suck it up and sell glass like me!" 

I am realizing more and more how this country needs both the consistency of conservatives and the active change of liberal ideology. Checks and balances right? 

Who made it into history books? If the Boston Tea Party members strolled by me, I would have been in a buggy ducking my head, wishing I was brave enough to dump tea into the sea...while also mocking their silly costumes. 

It is time we middle-class twenty-somethings developed our voice; mine is just a little hoarse right now. 

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