Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 5.

I am practicing a thirty day fast from hating Texas. I  post one thing I love about Tejas everyday until February 5.

FIVE. Dinner with my Village/Community group in Fairmont, Fort Worth.
American food night:

These two introduced me to the City Church in August, which meets downtown Fort Worth at 5o'clock Sunday nights.

If I did not have this precious, challenging, compassionate community I would have found my self deeper in the sorrow of post-graduation.

(In order of last nights dinner)
Kristiane: Understanding, listener, giver.
Nathan: Observer, servant, compassionate.
Lincoln: Talented musician, subtle funny guy, protector.
Andrew R: Lover of Hymns, pursuer of knowledge, loser of current 'Words with Friends' game.
Whitley: Singer, Joyful smile, great heart for the least of these, Bananagrams.
Patrick: Questioner, depth of though, laughter.
Megan W: Mother, observer, wise.
Baby Gibson: Brings great joy and life to us all. 23 inches long!
Andrew Y: Funny guy, intellectual, musician, adaptable.
Jay: Direct, patient, cook.
Meaghan: generous, encourager, compassionate, giver.
Jess: Entrepreneur, dreamer, spirit.
Rachel: Practical, committed, brave.
Sara: Foodie, lover of people, hostess.

What do you love about Texas? 

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  1. I love that fact that all of my kids live here...for now. Texas has to be better for having 5 Johnson kids and 2 kiddettes.