Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 4.

I am fasting from hating Texas. Here are things 2, 3 and 4 I love about the drawling state:

FOUR-- The oh-so spectacular Sharky's Burrito.
A perfect blend of Spicy ranch, homemade tortilla chips, well proportioned burrito and all under FIVE dollars. What a treat, and only in Texas.

THREE--The Gathering 

The church I attended in college was a life spring of community. My character was molded weekly within the walls of Pioneer and I owe the adults who spent hours each Sunday preparing meals for all of us mooching college kids. Occasionally I would fill a to-go box with poppy-seed chicken and eat off it for a week.

TWO-- The thrifting, can I get an AMEN?

Note the boots: Thrifted

Note the sweater: Thrifted

Note the dress: Thrifted

Note the glorious loads of crap: Thrifted

Note the mother of all record players: Texas freaking thrift

What do you love about Texas?


  1. the rocket summer. hah! =P and the fact that nowhere else in the United States (ghettos not included) could Nick and I possibly afford a very nice house. And had I not moved back to Texas, I would die an old maid. lol

  2. p.s.- i admire your efforts in trying to be more positive. If you ever feel like you're starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas, just come see Trav and B again :)

  3. Ha, ha, love the pictures! You are so cute and thrifty!