Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 13.

I am practicing a thirty day fast from hating Texas. I  post one thing I love about Tejas everyday until February 5.

THIRTEEN. The friendliest of friendly people.

This morning I was slouched in my Honda Mouse, punching the radio buttons between NPR and NPR music while I waited with astounding patience in the daily traffic grind on 820.  Cars were merging from the on-ramp, sleazily squeezing into the sardined line of automobiles. I graciously slowed for one small Kia sticking its nose into my lane, the driver rolled her window completely down, stuck out a friendly hand and waved furiously. WOW.

There is a surplus of smiles in grocery stores, at baseball games, coffee shops ect. People are just so friendly.

What do you like about Texas? 

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