Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 22...and 21

So I skipped yesterday. It's easier to be lazy and watch four episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
I am practicing a thirty day fast from hating Texas. I  post one thing I love about Tejas everyday until February 5.

TWENTY-ONE & TWENTY-TWO. The Freakin' Weiss sisters.

So one of them now goes to graduate school in Colorado...the other lives in Abilene. But both are my Texas frands who totally 'get it' about Colorado. They share my love for nature, mountains, beer, John Mayer, camping, Chacos, Longs Peak, and introduced me to bird watching.
I always wanted an older sister/mentor and Saundie stepped into that role graciously. Julie is both generous and relaxed, she totally accepts me for all my crazy.

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  1. You are amazing, Krisi, and so sweet to write about us. :) Julie and I truly cherish time with you...especially roaming around the mountains in CO. You MUST come up this summer. I know it's January, but I'm already planning! Love you!