Friday, September 30, 2011

How to plead for a life.

I never knew I could love two little babies so much. Last night I held them both for equal quantities of time, gazing at their fluttery eye lids and perfect lips. Burritos. Wrapped in blankets and love.

So when the in-house doctor came to speak with the parents...alone, my mom got a little nervous. I thought nothing about it. What started as a heart murmur was re-diagnosed as a heart defect.
Itty bitty Bryce has a heart defect. Walking out of the hospital, we were met with a whipping wind and the signs of a storm, inside the Baylor Medical Center, the storm had already begun to beat down on Stephanie, Nick and those little lives.

We gathered and prayed, it was a sight of beauty. Six sets of hands covering Bryce from soft round head to swaddled feet.

God and I have been weird lately. Who he is and what he is about has been the forefront of my questions. But last night I pleaded with Him, I boldly asked him to heal Bryce and shelter them all.

To stand like a brick wall against the penetrating wind and rain.

"Even the darkness is not dark to you." Psalm 139.

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  1. Krisi, Bryce and Travis have already ministered God's love and care to me so much. I know that God is not finished writing their story. I will continue to lift your whole family in my prayers.