Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sex sells itself...

for everything else...there are salespeople.
In school, we are pumped with career options, and tips and tricks for landing the perfect job. One of the main phrases my professors would use was "everyone is in sales, because you have to learn to sell yourselves." Well I am here is to tell you that unless sales is in your title, you are NOT in sales. 

Did you know that most service drives at car dealerships are walls of glass? 
I cautiously park mouse the Honda between two shiny new Lexus', quite aware of the nervous looks from a receptionist beyond the tinted windows. Deep breaths and a free note pad carry me past the sign reading 'service' and into a long garage lined with glass doors, glass windows and men in snug oxford's or polo's branded with names like Larry, Kevin, George.  

It reminds me of the game battleship, I can see the board but have no idea what awaits me in the water. The minute I open my mouth is the teller, 
I receive one of the following looks:
1. Ugh...how do I get rid of her? 
2. Free swag?! (Stuff We All Get) 
3. Hmmm...a girl, she's young. Her name reminds me of Three's Company. 
4. This business card looks like a coaster. 

I receive one of the following answers:
1. Uh, we have been using our glass guy for 65 years.  
2. We are looking for someone new, but let us call you. 
3. Oh great! Sure! And go see my friend at Blahblah Body shop (Snicker behind the hand)!

I recently was told to remember the client is not rejecting me, but my product. 
This is great advice...unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the separation of myself from my work.  

Lesson learned: Selling glass is a lot like backpacking in Europe. Read why here


  1. I wish I could write as well as you. I can totally relate: they're refusing a product not rejecting you. No means next!

  2. Thanks Angela. Good luck in Europe!