Friday, September 23, 2011

Bumper to bumper.

Commuting to Kindergarten. 

The twenty-five mile commute to work everyday can become quite wearisome.
I have a little advice for those like myself who can no longer rely on their one-speed cruiser for transportation:

1. Get a library card and start an audio book list.
           Do not rely on the generosity of librarians to provide you with listening material WITHOUT your card. I repeat, they may make you cry, or slink out humiliated for not having the proper identification.

2. If you are lucky enough to live near a reliable train, use it! I would trade in all of these hours idling guiltily in traffic for a good book in a smelly train car.  Emissions decrease and brain grows. Perfect.

3. Find your local public radio, NPR has some fabulous interviews, and they have incredible taste in music.

4. Drink an Americano. I grab a cup at Starbucks that is five minutes from work. It is my reward for patience in traffic.

5. Don't be 'that guy' on the road who cuts everyone off and acts like there is a woman giving birth in his backseat. You know who you are.

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