Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Nest

Three months ago I was ushered into the adult work force. I was also added to the ranks of recent graduates who cannot afford to live independently, fortunately I have gracious parents who willingly handed back over a set of keys. Moving home was difficult for several reasons:

I crave independence...
Some of us leave our parents nest rather reluctantly, others are forced out, I closed my eyes and lept         with grand expectations. For four years in Abilene, I succeeded in gathering up friends and community who encouraged and challenged me to grow; Sunday meals and late night chats with a glass of wine became anticipated events. Evaluating the faith I claimed was an accepted process and shared with my peers. Thinking on my own and making decisions effecting only me was a daily routine.

Living with family means cooking cannot be exclusive, driving anywhere must be announced, politics, theology and philosophy will be questioned and challenged by my elders, leaving my bed unmade becomes offensive, ect. I am learning how giving up my tiny freedoms as an individual can exemplify sacrifice and prepare me to face every day life with a renewed humility.

Responsibility for more than ME can be exhausting, but richly rewarding.

 Jeremiah 29:7
"Seek welfare of the city where I have sent you...".


  1. Just read this. I like it. You are so right...

  2. you, my dear dear friend are SUCH a wonderful writer. i am envious of the way you so effortlessly blend the melodies of such perfection.