Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Siri Says...

I was driving home from church on Sunday and Siri sent me to a dead end; It's much easier to blame her than my terrible sense of direction.

I was driving down random country roads, surrounded by sheep and vineyards-- really a terrible place to be lost. There was no way to continue on the road I had committed to, so I cautiously turned my Aunts car around and mosied back to my starting point.

As I passed emerald carpeted farms, I had a sudden thought nugget which needed to be preserved. So being a responsible driver, I told Siri to make a note:

"Loneliness forces us to face ourselves." 

 She heard "Loneliness forces us to Facebook."

I suppose Siri knows what's best, or at least what is most likely the truth.

My first week in Portland, I attended Door of Hope, and the pastor Josh White stated "the only thing which consoles us in our misery is distraction."

Deep thought about the reality of our lives is heavily avoided.

Distraction comes in many forms: turning up the volume, watching thirty hours of Mad Men, maybe seeking the comfort of male affection --or perhaps scrolling through the scrapbook of friends lives via Facebook.

"For my soul has wandered so long seeking me-- give me grace to rise and follow thee."

What distracts you? 


  1. Everything and anything… I am probably the most easily distracted person in the world. I'm not sure how to conquer the battle for my minds activity. It's pulled in every direction…sigh. It may be my escape from the discipline of solitude. Solutions?

    1. HA. I have no solutions--just a million questions.

  2. Technology is really distracting to me right now. I emailed my wife yesterday about starting a new family rule of no tech on certain nights of the week. It's just too easy to find yourself thumbing through endless walls and boards and feeds.

    Loneliness does force us to face ourselves, you're right. And that's why life changes come about in those times of solitude.

    Great post!

    1. You are so right Grayson, maybe I need a tech-free day as well!